Pray For America

Pray for the United States of America 

Lord, forgive the Church:

  • For being mouthpieces for political parties instead of being the voice of God
  • For cursing politicians with whom we do not agree instead of praying for them
  • For failing to pray for our leaders regularly, but regularly criticizing them
  • For not recognizing and receiving the authority You give us to boldly declare what is right and what is wrong
  • For compromising the Truth for any sort of gain
  • For segregation and every sort of division we have perpetuated
  • For failing to communicate the Truth in Love.

Lord, forgive our nation:

  • For abortion
  • For abandoning the people of Cuba, Viet Nam, Lebanon, Somalia, and the Kurds of Iraq, to certain torture and death after having promised to defend them
  • For putting tyrants, despots, and wicked men in power in other nations, and for giving credibility to their reign
  • For widespread sexual immorality and disregard for Your design for sex and the family, as evidenced by a massive pornographic industry, a sex-obsessed media culture, sanctioning homosexual marriage, and no-fault divorce
  • For selfish greed and unrestrained ambition
  • For rejecting prayer in schools and ejecting You from public life, then blaming you for tragedies that we have summoned to ourselves.

Lord, thank You for the Church

  • Called to be the body of Christ
  • Awakening to righteousness and holiness
  • Rising to relentlessly seek Your face
  • Moving past the barriers that have divided us to wholeheartedly glorify the name of Jesus as our only Lord.

Lord thank You for our nation

  • For the freedoms we enjoy
  • For the stability of our nation compared to others, because of the wisdom You gave our founders
  • For the many missionaries that have been sent forth to every nation
  • For the prosperity that You have given us in order to advance the gospel worldwide.

We say that the United States of America is One Nation Under God.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; we declare that we have no other Gods before Thee.

We thank you that the United States of America is turning to You in humility, repentance, and Spirit-led revival.


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